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A  little bit about me, I am the founder of Lady In Balance, Author, Speaker, and lover of books, poetry, and music. I am a Mother of four amazing kids, that keep me young! I have been writing

since i was a little girl, but never really considered myself a "writer". Reason being, writing was something that I did in my personal time of solitude to reflect. However, I could never, nor would I ever ignore the song in my heart to create, whether it's a song, melody, or story to share with the world. 

In addition to sharing my love of words, expression, and art, one of my many passions center around helping other women by equipping them with tools and resources to encourage and inspire them to step out and achieve their dreams and goals in life. The very first step is the hardest but it can be done. Through Lady In Balance, LLC  publications, workshops, and events, we are able to move forward and equip women from across the world.  

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