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Are You Judgmental?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do you see when you look inside? How do you see the world? How is it the way we see ourselves has become measured by images, likes, or stories? In all fairness, it’s natural for human beings to care about how our family, friends, and partners see us to an extent. However, its unhealthy to base our individual value or worth on it. What is even more concerning, is how people in society, especially in the western world attempt to offer unsolicited input into people’s lives, if that individual goes against the grain, or deviates from the norm. How can we embrace diversity of culture, race, and ethnicity but reject diversity of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs? Or go even go so far as measure an individual’s worth by it. Being aware of how we see ourselves and one another, and setting aside judgement, gives you the courage to be who you are, and gives others the courage to be who they are. Take a moment and ask yourself if you have been judgmental toward yourself or others? Honestly, I have had moments and had to check myself on it. Remember, people see life from various different views and perspectives, and each individual person is processing information, surroundings, images, and the world differently. At the end of the day, you were made in Gods image. God lives in you, and you in God that equals perfection. That is enough and so are you.

“Everything we judge in others, is something we ourselves do not want to face” Unknown

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