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Octoberfest...Month of Mercury

Can you believe we are already in the month of October? October brings us closer to the holiday season and end of the year. Not to mention October is when many kids AND adults celebrate Halloween or Harvest time! Fall activities such as apple picking, hayrides, and visits to the farmers market and pumpkin patch are underway and always so much fun! However, with Covid 19 still making its presence known, this year some of us are cautiously engaging in these activities and finding ways to adapt and create a new normal without feeling hindered. Another very interesting thing about this October, it is last Mercury Retrograde of 2020, which will run October 14 through November 3rd, yep Election Day. If you are wondering about what the heck Mercury Retrograde is, its basically when a planet appears to be moving backward from the Earth or against the constellation of stationary stars. The planet is simply moving at a different speed. It’s said that Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce, and travel, so during Mercury Retrograde this may have an effect on communication channels either between human beings and devices, travel plans may get jacked up, or things may seem a little out of whack. During this time, ESPECIALLY during this time, be conscious about things going on inside of you, around you, and with you. Take a step back, get centered, and become aware of all that is going on and just stay calm. Remember what may seem like a setback, can be an opportunity for growth and listen to that small inner voice, or what God may be trying to tell you during this time. In a nutshell, be open.

“I am willing to see things differently. The world is a reflection of my mind. I see the world as I am. In any given moment, I can choose Heave or Hell. Every moment is a chance to see with new eyes. I can change this experience by changing my mind about it. And I do. I am willing for this situation to be reinterpreted” Anonymous.

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