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Unsettling Time...or Not.

We are a little more than halfway through the year and the world faced and continues to face a pandemic, as well complete social and racial unrest. This is the year when those with morals, heart for humanity, and high moral compass are standing up and shouting – no more to inequality of all forms, systematic racism, and with the unfortunate death of George Floyd, people are standing up to stop police brutality. To say 2020 is one of the most unsettling, and eye-opening moments in time would be an understatement. This is the year of embracing the uncomfortable and standing up for those things that you believe to be true and protecting those you love by making daily choices to protect yourself and them. For many of us, it continues to be a time when we look within our hearts and look at our lives and ask the hard questions not only to ourselves but to one another. In the midst of this monumental tipping point, some who fleetingly communed with God, are turning within and looking to God for a continual source of strength, guidance, and direction. For some who only saw the world in black in white, are being forced to see with an invisible eye and come face to face with those things that bind them and hold them hostage. It is true this is an unsettling time, and it can also be one of the most meaningful times in your life. Embrace it and take time to reflect on what is really going on in your heart. Go towards what may be scaring you and pulling you at the same time. On the other side of this journey, which may seem like a long way away, you will be better, I will be better, and the world will be better.

“Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.” Victoria Erickson

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